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Thomas Chester Kean and Lillian Alice Cunningham

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Thomas Chester Kean and Lillian Alice Cunningham had 9 children - Bill, Tom, Jim, Harry, Margaret, Ruth, Russ, John, and Mike - and 28 grandchildren. That's 28 first-cousins who have grown up, spread out, and made their own families, some with grandchildren of their own now.

Some of these first-cousins have remained in touch, but as often happens in life, others have drifted apart with no way to find each other. People move, addresses and phone numbers change, even names may have changed for the ladies among us.

Where is everyone today?

Keangenes.com has been established to provide a place to re-connect with long-lost family members and discover new ones. Whether you're one of the "original" first cousins or their child or grandchild or third-cousin twice-removed, we're delighted you found us. Take a moment to register and look around.

The Family Forum offers a private place to get to know one another again and share family history. It's a great way to reach extended family members, post announcements, compare genealogy research notes, or just chat.
The Family Scrapbook offers a private way to share and compare photos, old or new.

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